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Volunteering makes you feel good!

Smiling sun Volunteering makes you feel good

Volunteering opportunities in Monmouthshire

What sort of things could I do as a volunteer?

All of our volunteer opportunities are focussed on providing a little support and company to people who are at risk of becoming lonely or isolated.

People who are more at risk of becoming isolated may be older or they may have disabilities, or chronic health problems; even families that are struggling to cope. Volunteers in Monmouthshire make valuable contributions to befriending schemes, social activity groups and in community-based health and wellbeing settings. Some volunteers offer the use of their own vehicles and drive as part of their contribution, enabling people to get out and about and to access local facilities.

Volunteers provide assistance to enable people to remain independent and active, and more able to live the life they want to.

Volunteers are immensely valuable in helping to keep people well and happy and preventing crisis. Even a small amount of your time could make a huge difference and would be greatly appreciated.

Befriending support

To become a volunteer with us you need no special qualifications or experience, we just ask that you are over the age of 16 and helpful! We offer free training to get you started and support you throughout your time with us.

Even if you can only commit to give an hour or two a week or even fortnightly or monthly, we will do our best to find something for you to do.

We do our best to accommodate any interests or talents you may bring as a volunteer and will work with you to utilise your own skills to enhance life for others in the community. Examples of this could be the ability to play a musical instrument or lead a creative activity, reading, singing or sharing digital skills. We are open to suggestions!

Our volunteers tell us that they find volunteering to be fun and rewarding.  Many appreciate the social aspect that volunteering offers, others may be looking for work experience or a change of career. Lots of volunteers just want to ‘give back’ to the community and help others.


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Roles we do not ask volunteers to undertake are the provision of any form of personal care, assistance with medication or finances.

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